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What People are Saying About BOYD…


“Bruce Boyd, I understand how important your program is to [my son’s] development. School provides one aspect, parenting provides another, but an enrichment program like BOYD is the glue that holds it together. BOYD provides the program that allows the students to make sense of all the information that is handed to them. This is priceless. It removes the regurgitating of information and allows for processing so that it becomes a part of their moral fiber. It’s the other piece of ‘teaching a man how to fish’ that is crucial to their development. That is why BOYD is so important and I made it my business to make sure he participates in the program. I feel it in my gut that this was one of the most important things that I can do for [my son] so I thank you for providing such an important platform that is accessible, affordable, passionate, and enriching. It’s the additional support that I needed in raising a young black male.”

– Candice Frederick, B.O.Y.D. Parent

“Bruce Boyd has definitely had a positive impact in my life AND my children’s lives. He’s as real as it gets! Then I thought about all the hours that I know for a fact he put in with children in Trenton. I thought about HIS children who’ve literally had to share their father with the city of Trenton, with classmates who didn’t/don’t have fathers. I thought about all the sick time, vacation time, ALL the time he used if he had to be there or said he would be there… He was. He is a champion for OUR children!”

Osok A S Bey, Trenton, NJ Resident

“Teaching our youth should be a priority for all. What you guys do at BOYD is commendable. Please continue to have the strength to teach our youth and know that in whatever way I can, and within my power, I am with you.  Peace!”

– Ronald McMullen, Community Supporter

“On behalf of NJ PBA Local #105 Executive Board and more than 6,000 members, it is a pleasure to support the B.O.Y.D. organization. Thank you all for what you do!”

– Lance Lopez, President of NJ Police Benevolent Association, Local #105

“It is because of Mr. Boyd that I am the ambitious young woman that I am today. He made me realize that in life, those who constantly make excuses for themselves and settle for mediocrity do not go far. Therefore, I do neither. I always push myself, because I have faith in myself regardless if everyone else doesn’t. It is because of Mr. Boyd that I value hard work and put effort into everything that I do.
There are so many lessons that I have learned from this man, that if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to list them all. If I get a chance to see him again, I would tell him that I am grateful for him. Every lesson that he taught, I have never forgotten, and I truly feel sorry for those that have. If he chooses to do nothing else in his life, I want him to continue to touch and inspire young lives the way he has done mines.”

– S. Langley, former B.O.Y.D. Student
(this note was passed on to us from one of her current teachers)

“My first meeting with the B.O.Y.D. Family was at Caldwalder Park in August 2012 and I knew that this is where my child needed to be.  My daughter gave me many reasons about how this was not going to work and how she could not do this–Track, Field Hockey, etc.–but I told her that I will never steer her wrong. We all have to make sacrifices to get these babies where we all aspire our children to be. Mr. Boyd has welcomed us into the family, I use the word “us” because we are all learning. I am enlightened every time I attend one of their sessions. My daughter is now using what she has learned in BOYD in everyday life and school. Her first experience of making money and learning not to spend it all in one place, the importance of saving, and being “frugal” all taught in their finance session. We cannot afford not to invest in our children. Thank you to the B.O.Y.D. Family!”

– Rosemary Ramsey, B.O.Y.D. Parent


“Today After School:

Mom: So how was school today, Son?
Son: It was good.
Mom: Anything exciting happen?
Son: Not really. Well except my teacher almost plotzed when I told her how massive my word-hoard is becoming.
Mom: <pause> <raise eyebrow> <double-back>
Son: Yeah… She kinda gave me that same look. I told her she should probably download dictionary.com, too.

B.O.Y.D. makes the difference!”

– Shameica Calderone, B.O.Y.D. Parent of fifth grade student

If B.O.Y.D. has impacted your life (or someone you know), please contact us and let us know.

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